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Powered by Natural Gas - PbNG

In 2013, the EFD team initiated a project to investigate the use of natural gas as a primary source for equipment used in drilling and fracturing operations in the Marcellus/Utica area. The first phase of the effort will be a conceptual study to document fuel requirements, fuel sources and how fuel usage during field development may evolve. The objective is to determine how natural gas may be used in E&P operations to reduce emissions and reduce the long haul of LNG to well sites. The study will determine the most desirable natural gas option (supply, distribution, power generation) at a given site for specific requirements under given conditions. The first phase will also identify safety issues/concerns including training and public outreach. Future plans will be included in the first phase report.

Project Announcements

HARC scientists are geared up to conduct measurements of emissions from oilfield equipment powered by dual fuel diesel engines.

Publications, Lectures & Presentations

Rich Haut will be in an upcoming segment in Business Week as part of an interview with Keane Group to address environmental issues associated with oil and gas development, specifically, hydraulic fracturing.

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Natural gas is displacing diesel fuel in reciprocating engines and firing turbines providing power for oil and gas operations.


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