Our Work

Harris County Particulate Matter Inventory

HARC is developing a detailed particulate matter (PM) 2.5 emissions inventory for Harris County, Texas. PM is a type pollution composed of a complex mixture of extremely small particles. The size of particles is linked to their potential for causing health-related problems. PM 2.5 refers to fine particles that pose considerable health risks for respiratory and cardiovascular illness. PM 2.5 is emitted by manmade and natural sources.

The project is lead by Alex Cuclis, Research Scientist in Air Emissions and Monitoring. Alex is working with SC&A and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) 2011 emission inventory to examine emissions activity data specific to Harris County. Using that data, HARC will develop a more accurate inventory of PM 2.5 emissions in Harris County.

This work will be followed by an evaluation of the available PM 2.5 control methods and how much they cost to limit emissions on various sources. HARC’s intent is to develop a database that will, to the degree possible, match PM 2.5 controls with sources, and allow the user to determine the total price to achieve the desired level PM 2.5 emission inventory reductions.

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