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Environmentally Friendly Drilling Scorecard

The development of the Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems (EFD) Scorecard has been ongoing since 2008. The first 3 ½ years focused on reaching a consensus for the various attributes through a series of workshops, meetings and paper exercises. For the past year the scorecard has been undergoing various tests. This testing consists of reviewing systems and technologies as well as applying the scorecard to past and ongoing operations. The objective is to develop a methodology that documents the environmental and societal tradeoffs associated with energy development taking into consideration variances in geographic regions. The scorecard will allow operators to objectively assess and continually improve their environmental performance and their service providers and it may enable companies to provide transparent documentation of performance. .

During 2012 the Scorecard was tested at actual drilling operations as well as drill-a-well-on-paper exercises. The testing gathered findings to enhance the Scorecard process. An operator-only meeting was held in Spring of 2013 to review the status of the Scorecard. The Scorecard will be issued in 2013 based on input received from sponsoring operators. In addition, further testing of the Scorecard will be performed in order to determine unique characteristics that need to be included for different ecosystems.

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Publications, Lectures & Presentations

Stephanie Glenn and Erin Kinney are featured in an EFD video discussing a new tool to reduce the impacts of drilling on coastal wetland habitats and ecosystems.

Publications, Lectures & Presentations

HARC's Richard Haut was invited to speak at Texas A & M Industrial and Systems Engineering: Advanced Manufacturing Group Seminar in College Station, Texas on February 13, 2015.

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HARC's Environmentally Friendly Drilling Program will host Flaring Issues, Solutions and Technologies Workshop in San Antonio, Texas on February 24, 2015.

Publications, Lectures & Presentations

The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Program was mentioned several times in the American Shale & Manufacturing Partnership January 2015 report.


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