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Over the past two decades safety has become a core value within most sectors of the oil and gas industry. With increased understanding that, in many cases, safety and the environment go hand in hand, environmental training courses are now being developed just as safety programs were in the past. Moreover, environmental performance awards now are being given as industry seeks new ways to encourage better protection of the environment. However, “Environmental Culture” is not where it should be in most companies. The reasons vary, but perhaps the two biggest obstacles are: (1) the lack of understanding of what environmental culture means or should look like, and (2) senior management of many companies have not bought into, or do not recognize the critical role they play in creating such a culture.

Environment 24/7 is the sequel to Safety 24/7—Building an Incident-Free Culture, which is a fictional story of a manager in an organization plagued with injuries and fatalities who is given 120 days to create a culture of safety.

Environment 24/7 takes the fictional story to the next level by demonstrating many of the principles used to successfully change people’s behavior toward safety are key to developing a culture of environmental responsibility and accountability.

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Publications, Lectures & Presentations

Rich Haut will be in an upcoming segment in Business Week as part of an interview with Keane Group to address environmental issues associated with oil and gas development, specifically, hydraulic fracturing.

Publications, Lectures & Presentations

HARC Andra Wilcox, Research Associate, Energy Production, presented at the HSE for Unconventional Oil & Gas Conference in San Antonio, Texas on April 10, 2014.

Publications, Lectures & Presentations

Rich Haut presented at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Conference on hydraulic fracturing in San Diego, California on March 18, 2014.

Rich Haut participated on the Drilling & Wells Task Area Challenge panel, moderated by ExxonMobil, at the Global Technology Exchange, in Florence, Italy, April 7-11, 2014.


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