Friday, August 1, 2014

Best Practice: LED Streetlight Retrofit

Abstract from the document:

Over a dozen large to mid-size cities have retrofitted or are in the process of retrofitting the standard, high energy consuming streetlights, typically high pressure sodium, with new, high-efficiency LED streetlights. The result of these retrofits will be the replacement of over 600,000 streetlights, resulting in over 198 million kWh reduction and a reduction of greenhouse gases of approximately 126,000 tons of CO2 equivalent. Some of the cities that have taken on large scale retrofits include Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boise, Chicago, Washington, DC, Dallas and Seattle.

This document discusses the best practices of LED Streetlight retrofitting using The City of El Paso, Texas as a case study.

External Author(s)*:
Chris Herbert, SPEER