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HARC Newsletter | June 2017

Policy Snapshot: Understanding the Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

On Thursday, June 1st, President Trump and his Administration withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. The Agreement was signed December 2015 by 195 countries during COP 21 in Paris (the 21st meeting of the Conference of the Parties). The Agreement went into effect October 2016 with the ratification by the European Union. Currently, 147 countries have ratified the agreement.

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Awareness Leads to Cooperation

Texas’ oil and gas industry supplies energy to support daily life and economic growth. Daily activities around oil and gas operations may be affected in various ways. Out in West Texas, dark skies are vital to the work performed at the University of Texas McDonald Observatory.

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Featured Researcher
Marina Badoian-Kriticos
Research Scientist, Energy and Natural Resource Policy
Marina Badoian-Kriticos is a Research Scientist at HARC and focuses her efforts on the development and implementation of energy and natural resource policies and programs. Prior to joining HARC, Marina worked as City Energy Project Senior City Advisor at the Institute for Market Transformation. In this role she focused on expanding energy and water efficiency in the built environment and provided support and expertise to the City of Houston to help develop programs and policies that will lead to a healthier and more prosperous city.
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Announcements & Upcoming Events
Innovations in Building Resilient Communities Leadership Academy June 26-28
HARC researchers accepted an invitation to participate in the upcoming Innovations in Building Resilient Communities Leadership Academy, a program of the Institute for Sustainable Communities June 26-28.
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Metropolis World Congress – June 19-22
Gavin Dillingham, PhD, Program Director for Clean Energy Policy at HARC, has been invited to speak on a panel at the Metropolis World Congress in Montreal June 19-22.
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Webinar: CHP for Food Processing - Lowering Operating Costs and Improving Food Quality June 13
The food processing industry is one of the largest energy users in the United States. With such energy intensity, it is important to find ways to reduce energy costs. Please join the DOE's SW CHP TAP on June 13th at 11 am CST to learn how CHP can work for you. Also, learn how the CHP TAPs can provide no cost technical assistance and project development support for your CHP project.
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Dillingham invited speaker at Amplify Phoenix - Energy Efficiency in Buildings Laboratory and Action Platform
Gavin Dillingham, PhD, Program Director for Clean Energy Policy at HARC, recently attended the Amplify Phoenix program organized by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The event was designed to promote the development of an Energy Efficiency in Buildings Lab. Dr. Dillingham discussed HARC’s experience in running the Energy Efficiency in Building (EEB) Houston program.
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Watch Galveston Bay Watershed and Wetland Permit Planning Tool Webinar
As wetlands have been displaced by development in our region, there have been major implications for wildlife habitat, water quality and quantity and flood control. Freshwater wetlands are especially at risk as many fall outside of the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Rule.
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HARC's New Headquarters Amplifies Legacy of Sustainability
HARC, the Houston Advanced Research Center, announces the opening of a new, high-performance headquarters building in The Woodlands.
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HARC co-hosted 2017 Trash Summit
HARC and Black Cat GIS and Biological Services co-hosted the 2017 Trash Summit on May 10-11: The Houston-Galveston Regional Litter and Marine Debris Prevention Workshop.
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HARC in the news
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
HARC's New Headquarters Amplifies Legacy of Sustainability
“This building is not only a testimony to the legacy of my parents, Cynthia and George Mitchell, but also to the HARC staff and the important research that is carried out every day," said Todd Mitchell, Chairman of the HARC Board of Directors.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
See inside The Woodlands' newest 'green' building: Houston Advanced Research Center's headquarters
"This building for us is a representation of our mission. We like to say we help people thrive and nature flourish. This building is an embodiment of that, the way it exists in the environment and the way we’re hoping it will help us better connect to the community," said HARC's Lisa Gonzalez.
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