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HARC Newsletter | January 2017

Coastal Impacts Technology Program: Environmental Research Funded by Offshore Oil and Gas Revenue Sharing
In 2016 the HARC Environmentally Friendly Drilling Program (EFD) successfully concluded a multi-faceted $4 million research effort to understand and mitigate the environmental impact of oil and gas activities. The Coastal Impacts Technology Program (CITP) focused on developing cost-effective technologies and practices addressing environmental issues and workforce development along the coast. EFD’s direct engagement with the oil and gas industry brought unique insights into the investigation of these questions, basing research on practical needs and solutions.
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Press Release
The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) Announces New Leadership Team
The transition to new executive leadership is complete at the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), a nonprofit sustainability research hub providing independent analysis on energy, air, and water issues. In June 2016, Lisa A. Gonzalez, an expert on the management of water, coastal resources, and ecological communities, was appointed as HARC’s President and CEO while in December, after an extensive search, Mustapha Beydoun, a specialist in air quality, vehicle emissions, and urban planning was selected for the position of HARC Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
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Featured Project
Developing a Real-Time Engine Emissions Monitoring System for Oil & Gas Operations
For years, governments around the globe have worked to regulate pollution generated through engine emissions, which is resulting in the need for better emissions testing worldwide. Exhaust emissions testing helps determine how many maleficent compounds form in an engine during combustion. Now, more than ever, as air quality monitoring advances and increased efforts are put toward understanding and limiting engine emissions and their effects on air quality, climate, and health, it is critical to have the tools necessary to perform advanced and reliable engine emissions testing.
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Featured Researcher
Asanga Wijesinghe, PhD
Research Associate, Engine and Emissions Control
Dr. Asanga Wijesinghe is a Research Associate at the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) in engine and emission measurement technologies. He obtained his B.S. in physics from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Physics from University of Houston. He is also a National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer. Since coming to HARC, he has been involved in software and hardware system development for many air, and energy related research project with a focus on engine emission control technologies and air quality monitoring.
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Announcements & Upcoming Events
HARC Engages "Citizen Scientists" Studying Rigs-to-Reefs: Carolyn LaFleur to speak at CHUM meeting January 19
Offshore oil and gas platforms that have reached the end of their productive life can be converted to artificial reef structures that attract diverse populations of fish and other organisms.
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HARC in the news
Thursday, December 29, 2016
Jay Olaguer on refineries emitting toxic chemicals in greater Los Angeles
“There’s a whole new generation of analytical techniques that allow us to do much more than what we were able to do some time ago" said HARC's Jay Olaguer.
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