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HARC Newsletter | February 2018

Sustainable Site Design: The Many Benefits of Building Green in a Grey Environment
Designed to preserve biodiversity, the campus is surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. In keeping with the HARC mission of ‘helping people thrive and nature flourish’, the campus embodies balanced integration of the natural and built environment, proving that site development can be enhanced with sustainable site design techniques.
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Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program: Research Continues to Yield Benefits
Engaging partners in the oil and gas industry and academia, HARC’s Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program (EFD) developed and executed the highly successful Coastal Impacts Technology Program (CITP) which concluded in 2016. CITP focused on developing practical, cost-effective solutions to address environmental aspects of oil and gas activities in the Texas Coastal Zone. A year after the program has concluded one outstanding project is building upon research accomplishments funded by CITP.
"Oil Pump Jack" by Paul Lowry
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Featured Project
Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy
In 2013, the State of Texas legislator passed the Texas PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Act. PACE is a voluntary financing tool that helps owners of existing commercial, non-profit, industrial, and multifamily properties invest in energy efficiency, water conservation and distributed generation improvements with little or no upfront capital outlay. To monitor and track this investment activity, the TX-PACE Energy and Emissions Tracker was created, allowing viewers to see how TX-PACE projects are reducing energy and water consumption, lowering emissions, and providing significant economic benefits.
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Featured Researcher
Carolyn LaFleur
Research Scientist, Energy Production
Carolyn LaFleur is a Research Scientist at the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) working with the Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas and Minnesota. Her experience includes environmental permitting and regulatory compliance, geotechnics, resource recovery and waste facilities, pollution prevention and water resources projects. Prior to receiving her degrees she worked in offshore oil and gas exploration and production, land surveying and heavy industry.
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Announcements & Events
HARC partners with Air Alliance: Making Houston A Healthier Place
Please join HARC researchers and other community leaders at the Air Alliance Houston’s State of the Air Gala on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.
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Andra Wilcox to present on Water Challenge Pilot at Groundwater Protection Council UIC Conference February 12
Andra Wilcox, Research Scientist, Energy Production, will be presenting “The Water Challenge Program Pilot: Helping Companies Advance Water Management Strategies” at the Groundwater Protection Council UIC Conference on February 12, 2018 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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HARC Research Scientist Carolyn LaFleur speaking in Ohio Lecture Series
HARC Research Scientist Carolyn LaFleur, PE will speak in the Youngstown State University Lecture Series on Energy and the Environment on Wednesday, February 7th.
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Dr. Erin Kinney presented the Invasive Species Field Guide to The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. January 31
On January 31, research scientist Dr. Erin Kinney presented “The Quiet Invasion: A Guide to the Invasive Species of the Galveston Bay Area” to The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. at HARC.
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Lisa Gonzalez guest speaker at Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Water Efficiency Network Meeting
On January 25, 2018, HARC President Lisa Gonzalez delivered a presentation on water-related resilience strategies and the Galveston Bay Report Card at the Gulf Coast Water Efficiency Network meeting, as organized by the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District.
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