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HARC Newsletter | December 2017

Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands
The Sustainability of Engineered Rivers in Arid Lands (SERIDAS) project examines the future of ten engineered rivers in arid lands. It identifies challenges the rivers face and offers recommendations on how to respond. The project team asks: How sustainable are engineered rivers in arid lands? To find answers, the SERIDAS team of natural and social scientists studies current and future river conditions in these river basins worldwide—Nile, Euphrates-Tigris, Yellow, Murray-Darling, São Francisco, Limarí, Colorado, Rio Grande, and Júcar. All receive water from mountain snowpack or highland rainfall and then pass through large arid or semi-arid areas where river sediment has accumulated over time and created fertile soil. Irrigated agriculture has long been the life blood of these downstream areas.
SERIDAS Project Team
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Featured Projects
Texas Energy-Water Nexus
In the Texas Energy-Water Nexus Story Map, the relationship between our most coveted natural resource (water) and the driving force behind modern global culture (energy) is explored within the context of the driest drought year in Texas history. Discussion of Texas energy and water resources, how the 2011 drought became the driest on record, and the resulting conflicts from compounding pressures are presented along with interactive content and dynamic maps.
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Featured Researcher
Ryan Bare
Research Associate, Hydrology and Watersheds
Ryan Bare is a Research Associate at HARC under the Hydrology and Watersheds program, and is currently enrolled in the Water Management and Hydrological Science doctoral program at Texas A&M University. He holds a M.S in Marine Resource Management from Texas A&M University at Galveston where he studied temporal and spatial trends of a water quality indicator bacterium in the Coastal Health and Estuarine Microbiology lab. He received his B.S. in Environmental Science with a concentration in Marine and Coastal Resources from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. At HARC, he focuses on sustainable water management, watershed protection and the water quality impacts of developing coastal communities.
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Announcements & Events
HARC’s Lisa Gonzalez speaks about Galveston Bay on The Outdoors Show with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie
On Dec 2nd, HARC’s Lisa Gonzalez and Galveston Bay Foundation’s Bob Stokes discussed the Galveston Bay Report Card and Hurricane Harvey on The Outdoors Show with Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie on Sport.
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Lisa Gonzalez participated on Houston - Bay Area Storm Water Flooding Forum: Harvey, Ike and Our Future
HARC's Lisa Gonzalez, President and Chief Executive Officer, participated on the Houston | Bay Area Storm Water Flooding Forum in Houston, November 28, 2017 at the Gilruth Center at NASA/Johnson Space Center.
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HARC in the news
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Experts meet to discuss Houston's flooding problem, prevention
"That juxtaposition of development patterns with wetland and habitat loss are two things that have led to where we are, given our recurring flooding issues," said Lisa Gonzalez, HARC's President and CEO.
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Sunday, November 26, 2017
As Houston Moves On From Harvey, Scientists Dig In For The Long Haul
HARC President Lisa Gonzalez speaks on the adaptability of Gulf Coast ecosystems following extreme weather events.
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