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HARC Newsletter | April 2017

Texas Is Known For A Lot Of Things.
Environmental Leadership Should Be One of Them.

The state of Texas has a tradition of fierce independence that has often put the state at odds with federal environmental policies and regulations. According to a recent report by The Texas Tribune, Texas sued the federal government 27 times since 2009 over federal rules and regulations relating to air and water quality and climate change.

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Coastal Impacts Technology Program: Tools for Improving Environmental Practices in Oil and Gas Development

In a four-year, $4 million effort, The Coastal Impacts Technology Program (CITP), a research initiative of the HARC Environmentally Friendly Drilling Program (EFD) engaged a diverse group of stakeholders in research to benefit the Texas Coastal Zone. The program focused on addressing environmental aspects of oil and gas operations, including site restoration, air emissions, water resources, and workforce development. Research was funded by revenue sharing from offshore oil and gas operations through the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP), a multi-year research program authorized by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, administered in Texas by the Texas General Land Office.

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The Stormwater Connection from Rain to Recreation
The stormwater connection from rain to recreation is an interactive web application designed to describe how a variety of land uses interact with stormwater (rain water plus surface water runoff) in and near the Clear Creek and Armand Bayou watersheds. Each stormwater pathway represents unique opportunities for the instillation of stormwater management practices. The integrated Stormwater Connection Data Viewer provides water quality data collected by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) at the inflows and outflows of two stormwater management measures in intuitive, dynamically graphed visualizations.
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Featured Researcher
Carlos Gamarra, PE
Research Associate, Clean Energy Technology
Carlos Gamarra is a Research Associate at HARC under the Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership (CHP TAP) program. He is enrolled in the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Engineering and Architecture doctoral program at the University of Burgos (Spain), pursuing his Ph.D. in collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin.
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Announcements & Upcoming Events
Support HARC when shopping at H-E-B this April
HARC has partnered with HEB and EarthShare of Texas for Earth Month. During April, look for the EarthShare of Texas display and tear-off pads at HEB check-out lanes. Select a $1, $3, or $5 slip to add to your grocery bill, and 100% of your donations will support local environmental and conservation charities that are members of EarthShare of Texas – including HARC.
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HARC Research Scientist Carolyn LaFleur guest lecturer at Texas A&M
HARC Research Scientist Carolyn LaFleur will address students at Texas A&M University on environmental aspects of oil and gas development associated with hydraulic fracturing. The lecture will be held April 18th at the campus in College Station and will feature research efforts of HARC’s Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program.
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Haut to participate in remediation roundtable at Responsible Shale Energy Extraction Symposium
Rich Haut, Program Director, Energy Production, has been invited to participate in a roundtable discussion at the 1st Annual Responsible Shale Energy Extraction Symposium. This inaugural symposium is being held in collaboration with Earth Day Texas and the Mitchell Foundation, April 21-22, at the Hall of State in Dallas (
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SAE Publishes HARC Research on Engine Emissions
HARC scientists developed and tested improved catalysts specifically designed to address Non-Combusted Methane. While many catalytic systems use precious metals, the catalyst formulations tested in this work were made with common lower-cost metals including copper, nickel, and cobalt.
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Reducing Energy Costs with Waste-Heat-to-Power
Many industrial facilities in Colorado have high-temperature waste streams that could be used to generate electricity through waste-heat-to-power, also known as recycled energy. These facilities include natural gas processing, natural gas pipeline compressor stations, refineries, and chemical and cement companies.
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District Energy with CHP in Healthcare: Lowering Cost and Improving Patient Safety
District Energy with CHP (DE-CHP) for hospital campuses is a proven, cost-effective and clean solution for delivering electricity, as well thermal and cooling services. DE-CHP systems aggregate thermal loads to create a scale that enables deployment of large scale CHP, which helps to ensure the power remains on and patients stay safe during and after a natural disaster. This joint U.S. DOE Southwest Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership (SW CHP TAP), Burns and McDonnell and IDEA webinar presented strategies, best practices and decision variables that will help move the deployment of District Energy with CHP on hospital campuses as an efficient and resilient clean energy solution.
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Katharine Hayhoe addressed climate resilience planning at People & Nature Speaker Series
On Wednesday, March 8th, HARC sponsored the People and Nature Speaker Series event featuring climate scientist and communicator, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. The event was held at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Brown Auditorium. Dr. Hayhoe spoke to the assembled crowd about the need for climate resilience planning in Texas.
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Lisa Gonzalez to speak at NASA Environmental Conference
Lisa Gonzalez, HARC President, is speaking at the NASA Environmental Conference 2017 – Enabling Environmentally Sound Mission Success on Wednesday, April 5th at NASA Johnson Space Center. Lisa will present on the topic of climate resilience in the Houston-Galveston Region.
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Lisa Gonzalez panelist at Gulf Coast Green Symposium
Lisa Gonzalez, HARC President, spoke on a panel consisting of the design team of the new HARC headquarters at the Gulf Coast Green Symposium on Monday, March 27th. The team discussed the design approach to HARC’s new building in the talk, “Net Zero for a Non Profit in the Gulf Coast Climate: A Case Study of HARC’s New Headquarters”.
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HARC in the news
Friday, March 10, 2017
Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe talks Houston floods, possible NOAA cuts and more
Renowned Texas climate scientist, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe was the featured speaker at HARC's People & Nature Speaker Series on March 8, 2017.
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