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A Stepping Stone for Tale

HARC Interns experience the science and business of research

Left to right: Hudson Nash, Bea Portela, Amy Le, Mia Vassilakis

This summer HARC was fortunate to host four talented local high school student interns interested in learning about the science and business of research. Amy Le, Beatrice Portela, Hudson Nash, and Mia Vassilakis joined the researchers and staff for a glimpse of what a career in the sciences might be like. These rising-seniors worked on projects involving energy, air quality, water quality, and non-profit community outreach and communications.

Amy reports for work one morning to see a group of people gathered on the other side of the lobby, gazing out the window at the campus landscape designed to preserve and emulate native habitat. “The most surprising thing would be getting there at 8 in the morning and seeing a group of people looking out the window at…a turtle” says Amy. Such is a day in the life of HARC’s inaugural class of summer interns.