Webinar: CHP for Food Processing - Lowering Operating Costs and Improving Food Quality June 13

Posting Date: 
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The food processing industry is one of the largest energy users in the United States. With such energy intensity, it is important to find ways to reduce energy costs. A great way to lower energy costs, as well as improve, power reliability of the industry is combined heat and power. To date, 253 food processing organizations have implemented CHP and there is significant technical potential for several hundred more. This new SW CHP TAP webinar will help explain how the dairy industry, fruits and vegetable processors, meat processors, bakeries and several other food processing sectors can make CHP work for them. Please join the DOE's SW CHP TAP on June 13th at 11 am CST to learn how CHP can work for you. Also, learn how the CHP TAPs can provide no cost technical assistance and project development support for your CHP project.

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