Researcher Announcement

Powered for Good to Address Electricity Disparities with Renewable Energy Solutions

Posting Date: 
Thursday, July 16, 2020

HARC (Houston Advanced Research Center), High Noon Advisors, Moonlight Interests, and the Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute are thrilled to announce that they have officially begun their Powered for Good ( to design and assist in the implementation of clean, cheap electricity offerings for the approximately two and a half million low income households in Texas that can choose their electricity provider. By addressing structural market inefficiencies, it is estimated that Powered for Good will help the average Texas household in a low-income community save approximately 20% on their electricity bill. Powered for Good’s offering(s) will be 100% powered by solar and wind energy without any new incentives or subsidies required.

Powered for Good will also investigate the best methods by which to provide energy storage at a household or community level--though this will likely require co-funding to implement--and it will seek to monetize Opportunity Zone tax benefits in a way that maximizes community benefit.

Powered for Good is interested in listening to community needs and creating a co-owned and co-led organizational structure with communities that prioritizes neighborhood interests as it builds out its approach. We’re also interested in hearing from investors, funders, renewable energy developers, and retail electricity providers.

Please visit our website at to learn more, track our progress, and sign up for our mailing list. If you have questions or are interested in providing input and feedback, please email