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Oil and Gas Methane Emissions Conference, September 23-24, The Woodlands, TX

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Updated 08/14/2014: Discounted rates now available for Non-Profits and Students. For Conference pricing visit:

Reducing methane emissions has become a key topic of discussion for all facets of the natural gas community: exploration and production teams, distribution and transmission utilities, research and development labs, academic minds, environmentalist concerns, and a public that relies on natural gas to heat their homes and businesses, to prepare their meals, to manufacture everyday goods, and more.

Find the solutions you need at CH4 Connections, the premier methane emissions reduction event for the natural gas world.

CH4 Connections speakers include utility leaders in leak detection and mitigation such as National Grid and the Southern California Gas Company; EPA policymakers; and representatives from natural gas organizations AGA, NGSA, and INGAA.

Jointly sponsored by the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) and the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), CH4 Connections will provide a forum for these diverse interests to discuss upcoming policy decisions, the newest detection and mitigation programs and techniques in the US, and how different facets of the community can benefit from sharing knowledge and experience with others.

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