HARC co-hosted 2017 Trash Summit

Posting Date: 
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

HARC and Black Cat GIS and Biological Services co-hosted the 2017 Trash Summit on May 10-11: The Houston-Galveston Regional Litter and Marine Debris Prevention Workshop. The Workshop was coordinated through a variety of partners, including the Galveston Bay Estuary Program, the Houston Galveston Area Council, Texans for Clean Water, Artist Boat, KPRC Houston and the Houston Zoo. Sponsors for the Summit included Texans for Clean Water, the Houston Zoo, KPRC Houston, Clean Waters Initiative and Shipley Do-nuts. The Summit occurred at the Houston Zoo in mid-May and included discussions on current success stories of regional trash prevention and removal. The discussion then moved to ideas on developing regional initiatives to Research, Track and Quantify litter, Policy and Funding strategies, Partnership Opportunities, and Communication approaches. Initial steps were taken to developing a regional Action Plan for litter and marine debris prevention. The Summit was critical first step in coordinating litter and trash efforts regionally.