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HARC Welcomes New Hire, Dr. Meredith Jennings

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

HOUSTON, TX – The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) recently expanded its staff to hire Dr. Meredith Jennings to support the organization’s research on energy, air, and water issues.

Dr. Jennings is an expert in climate resilience and Earth system science. She brings over 8 years of experience in the field of academic and applied research. Most recently, Dr. Jennings worked for Harris County Public Health as a National Academy of Sciences’ Gulf Research Program Science Policy Fellow and Community Resilience Specialist, supporting community resilience activities by coordinating approaches to improve the ability of communities to withstand and recover from emergencies and disasters.

“Dr. Jennings will provide leadership in two of the most crucial areas of our research, water resources and resilience.” states Dr. Mustapha Beydoun, HARC’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “As the importance of the work in this field continues to grow, she will join our research team to develop real-time solutions to real-world problems.”

HARC’s water resources research emphasizes coastal watershed management, water quality and quantity, biodiversity and ecological function, and ecosystem informatics. HARC compiles and analyzes numerous databases and develops information tools and resources describing environmental quality, biological and water resources, and aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

HARC’s resilience research is driven by the importance of problem solving with a systems approach. HARC applies its multidisciplinary air, energy and water expertise in a way that provides practical, science-based solutions to communities to identify and mitigate risk and to increase the sustainability of the upper Texas Gulf Coast.

”I am very excited for this opportunity to join HARC as a Post-Doctoral Research Scientist in Community and Climate Resilience.” Says Dr. Jennings, she continues, “I look forward to working with the greater Houston community to increase our region’s capacity to build resilience against environmental stressors through research, policy, and stakeholder engagement.”

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