Energy Needs and Solutions for Oil & Gas Operations: Use of Waste Heat to Power (WHP) & Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Upstream to Downstream

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

WHP and CHP provide cost-effective reliable power for oil and gas operations, from drilling and production, to midstream and refining. Join industry experts to explore reliable, efficient solutions to power operations and provide thermal energy for processes. Network with other attendees engaged in improving energy delivery and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. Learn about federal, state and local incentives, and project financing options, and services provided by US DOE CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships.

Hosted by the US Department of Energy Upper-West CHP Technical Assistance Partnership and supported by the Colorado Energy Office.

WHP systems capture waste heat from industrial processes and utilize it to generate electricity without additional fuel, combustion, or emissions. Heat from produced water at wellheads, engines at compressor stations, gas processing, refinery operations, and flares all provide opportunities to generate power that can be used on-site or sold to a utility.

CHP systems provide both electric power and thermal energy from a single energy source. Using natural gas to generate both power and steam or heat for on-site use upstream and at gas processing plants and refineries can improve efficiency by nearly 50% over separate heat and power generation.

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Andra Wilcox, Research Scientist