CHP in Hospitals – Improving Resilience and Lowering Operating Costs

Posting Date: 
Thursday, December 8, 2016

Learn How Combined Heat and Power Can Help Save You Money and Increase Your Energy Reliability

Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) is a great opportunity to reduce energy costs, save money and improve the resilience of hospitals. The Department of Energy’s CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships presented a webinar on the opportunities and applications for CHP at health care facilities.


  • Learn about different CHP technologies
  • Learn about federally funded Technical Assistance
  • Free CHP screening of your facility
  • Free 3rd party reviews of vendor proposals
  • Check out case studies of operating CHP at hospitals from hospitals staff
  • Current and future rebates, incentives and tax advantages available for customers that install CHP

Listen to the webinar recording here.

For more information on DOE Southwest Combined Heat and Power TAP, visit here.