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Advanced Waste Management: Environmental and Economic Benefits, a Symposium

Partnering with Bruce Race, Director of the Center for Sustainability and Resilience (CeSAR) at the University of Houston, HARC recently co-hosted Advanced Waste Management: Environmental and Economic Benefits. This public symposium was held as news broke that Houston would be excluding glassware from its list of green bin recyclables. The announcement marks a retreat from the city’s One Bin for All strategy, which was funded in 2013 through a $1 million grant from the Bloomberg Foundation.

Symposium speakers pointed out that this change would pose an obstacle to sustainability and advocated for waste management strategies that maximize the potential for public participation. Corporate and academic presenters alike asked listeners to envision a future where waste is reimagined as a resource that can be put to work for both Houston’s economic and energy needs. With enough commitment, the convergence of new technologies and planning can put such a future within our grasp.

HARC former president Dr. Jim Lester, who served on the city’s One Bin for All advisory committee and testified in favor of a return to the plan before city council, provided closing remarks. With 95 attendees and speakers, the symposium offered much food for thought. HARC enjoyed collaborating with CeSAR to make this event a reality, and presentation slides from the symposium can be downloaded from the links below.

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