Jay Olaguer, PhD

Program Director, Air Quality Science

Eduardo (Jay) Olaguer holds a Ph.D. in Meteorology from MIT, and is a Senior Research Scientist and Program Director for Air Quality Science at HARC. Dr. Olaguer has designed and built complex 3-D models of the global atmosphere and urban air quality, including a global, radiative-dynamical-chemical model of the lower and middle atmospheres, and the HARC neighborhood (forward and adjoint) air quality model. He also contributed to the development of EPA’s HAPEM and pNEM models of human exposure. While at HARC, Dr. Olaguer oversaw the development of the Air Research Information Infrastructure, a Web portal for Houston air quality data based on Google Maps/Earth visual interfaces, secured a preliminary patent for a real-time Emissions Monitoring and Attribution System (EMAS), and invented a new technique for performing Computer Aided Tomography or CAT scans of air quality. He also helped to plan and implement two major air quality field studies in Texas (TexAQS II and SHARP) while serving as a program manager for the Texas Environmental Research Consortium (TERC). Dr. Olaguer has been a major contributor to various industry, state, federal, and international panels evaluating, planning, funding, or overseeing research on atmospheric pollution. This includes the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the California Air Resources Board's Reactivity Research Advisory Committee, and the NARSTO Reactivity Research Work Group. Dr. Olaguer also served on the editorial board of the peer-reviewed science journal, Environmental Science and Pollution Research-International and as a guest editor of Journal of Geophyscial Research-Atmospheres. He is currently on the Atmospheric Chemistry Committee of the American Meteorological Society. Dr. Olaguer has broad experience working with various stakeholders, including the research and consulting communities, the petrochemical industry, regulatory agencies, local government, and environmental organizations.