David Hitchcock

Senior Research Scientist, Sustainable Communities

Mr. Hitchcock holds a Masters of Regional and City Planning from the University of Oklahoma and is currently a Senior Research Association on Sustainable Communities. He joined HARC in 1989 as a Senior Associate, and has served as the Associate Director of the Center for Global Studies, the Deputy Director of the Environment Group, and Senior Project Director. Mr. Hitchcock has directed projects such as the Texas Joint Center for Air Quality, HARC's Cool Houston Program, Houston Environmental Foresight, Texas hydrogen and fuel cell initiatives, regional urban forest studies, alternative and low carbon transportation fuels projects, and HARC air quality research projects and programs. He currently manages projects on bicycle systems (bike share) and high efficiency housing.

Mr. Hitchcock has served on the Coordinating Committee for the Houston region’s sustainable communities planning program, the Houston Regional Air Quality Planning Committee, the Board of Directors for the Cool Roof Rating Council, and the Transportation Research Board's Alternative Fuels Committee. He has authored several reports on sustainable development and environmental improvement in the Houston region. Prior to joining HARC, Mr. Hitchcock served as the Director of the Joint Center for Urban Mobility Research at Rice Center in Houston.