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Energy Awareness Month

HARC will host Bill Ritter, Jr. at our People and Nature Speaker Series event on October 24th.

A Vision of Energy for the Future
Advancing the Vital Conversation – HARC’s People and Nature Speaker Series

One of HARC’s key areas of focus is energy, and that is in large part due to our founder, George P. Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell pioneered new techniques for oil and gas drilling that led to the modern age of domestic natural gas development. He also championed natural resource protection and the quest for clean and renewable energy sources. He understood the important role of science in finding solutions to address climate change and enable mankind to adapt to a changing environment. This vision forms the foundation of HARC’s energy program. Our researchers work with partners throughout Texas and the U.S. to mitigate environmental impacts of oil and gas production and work to facilitate the transition to clean and renewable sources of energy for the future.